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Handpicked And Lab Tested CBD Products

All Our Products Are 100% Organic And Lab Tested

It can be difficult to understand what is a premium CBD product with the wealth of choices out there. Make sure that whatever you buy has been 3rd party tested and that the laboratory tests are available on demand.

We not only go to and talk with all of our suppliers to ensure they have an excellent production procedure and end product, we likewise then organise independent tests to verify the quality of the CBD.

The Swiss are renowned for the pureness and quality of their CBD products. That’s why we have been to Switzerland to hand select a few of the finest CBD products on the market.

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Lab Tested In Switzerland

All our analyses are performed by a qualified laboratory. Rates of CBD and THC are evaluated routinely for all our products.

No Chemicals

We searched Europe to find the highest quality hemp and the best production quality and settled on Swiss hemp as the best in class.

% CBD Verified

So that you can be sure that the CBD % you see on the label is precise all our products are laboratory checked for precise CBD % levels.

Our Mission

Bringing Transparency To The CBD Marketplace

How can we ensure high quality and high pureness CBD? It involves discovering suppliers who have only high quality ingredients and a stringent production procedure.

Discovering a trustworthy and quality CBD brand name can be difficult. We have actually checked out Switzerland and curated a bespoke list of our favorite suppliers. Brand names and products who you can trust.

It’s crucial for us that you can trust in the products which are advised on this website. The CBD products which are noted have actually all met with out stringent quality standards.


CBD Balms

Just rubbing CBD balms into your skin can bring instantaneous relief.

Endocannabinoid receptors are also found in the skin itself, and they can be activated by using CBD instilled products. They hydrate, treat and fix the skin, protecting it and making it more flexible and smooth.

CBD balms have lots of terpenes giving them a lovely fragrance. The balms are instilled with carefully selected hemp and are high in CBD.

Premium CBD Oils

If you buy CBD oils from us you can rest assured you are buying a premium product made from some of the best hemp in Europe.

The CBD oils on our site just originate from manufacturers who have a stringent, 100% natural, production process. Guaranteeing the quality of our CBD oils.


Premium Quality CBD Oils Near You


Chemical Free

The CBD oils and balms stocked on this site have all been thoroughly handpicked to guarantee that the final CBD product you receive is as near 100% organic and natural as is possible. Whilst preserving an extremely high quality of product.


Quality CBD Products

Not only is the hemp utilized in the production process extremely pure, however it has actually also been selectively reproduced to guarantee that its CBD percentage is higher than that of regular hemp. We can with confidence assert the quality of the products featured on our site.


Properly Analysed

So that you can be sure of what you are buying all of the CBD products on this website have actually undergone laboratory tests by a certified laboratory.

Client Service

If you need any recommendations please do not be reluctant to contact us and a member of our support team will swiftly return to you.

Plain PackagingSecure Packaging

Our shipment service is both discreet and safe and secure we utilize plain, brand name free boxes for shipment.
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We Ship Internationally

Within 24hrs of receiving your order your CBD products will be on their way from our dispatch centre. To see if we deliver to your location please check our shipments page.

Are You New To CBD?

Is CBD oil in Heavitree Legal?

European law requires that for CBD products to be legal they need to have a THC level of less than 0.2%. For marijuana buds the THC rate has to be less than 1%.

What Is CBD?

Marijuana is more widely known as an prohibited product, mainly for the mind modifying presence of THC included within it. CBD, on the other hand, includes no active psychoactive components and is widely checked and studied.

A Short THC Introduction

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the cannabinoid most strongly present in cannabis. It has psychoactive properties impacting the mind and modifying the cerebral rhythm. THC is considered as a narcotic, a cannabis flower including more than 1% THC is prohibited. THC is present at a rate of less than 0.2% in our CBD products.

Does CBD flower smell?
So the smell is the very first and main evaluation requirement for CBD flowers. The pungent fragrance with its different nuances (sweetish, sourish, fruity, citric, flower and so on) is always a sign of quality. Prevent buds that smell like hay or have no smell at all.

Does CBD oil have a taste?
CBD pills do not usually have a taste. Some companies blend citrus or sweet flavors into oil, however I’ve found that pure and clean is best.

Exists an age limitation to utilize CBD oil?
Ultimately, there might be age constraints put on the sale of CBD products that take effect across the country. In the meantime, adults over the age of 21 are safe everywhere that CBD is legal. Some locations stipulate that you must be over the age of 16.

Can you purchase CBD oil at a dispensary without a card?
This suggests that purchasing CBD oil in Arizona is legal without a medical marijuana card, although acquiring cannabis is still prohibited. That’s due to the fact that CBD can be originated from cannabis’ cousin commercial hemp. … CBD can be acquired in lots of forms including sweets, CBD oil, or topicals without the need for a prescription.

What is the difference in between CBD oil and CBD cast?
The main difference in between CBD oils and tinctures is that CBD oils contain CBD in an oil base, whereas CBD tinctures contain CBD in an alcohol base. Furthermore, CBD tinctures frequently contain extra components, such as herbs, flavoring agents, and essential oils.

Is CBD Oil addictive?
Compelling scientific proof has actually exposed that CBD oil might be an efficient technique for dealing with some drug abuse related symptoms. … Because CBD is not addictive and non-psychoactive, it might function as the remedy for reducing the yearnings and stress and anxiety experienced by people struggling with dependency.

What is the difference in between CBD isolate and CBD complete spectrum?
Broad or large spectrum is hemp extract that maintains the naturally-occurring cannabinoids and terpenes in the hemp and cannabis plant, other than for THC. Separate is an extract that entirely includes CBD. CBD isolate does not protect other cannabinoids and terpenes found in the hemp and cannabis plant.

Is CBD oil much better than CBD pills?
Choosing to utilize CBD Capsules as a dietary supplement is not just considered much faster, however also cleaner and easier compared to CBD Oil. That’s due to the fact that although they use comparable advantages, measuring the appropriate dose is easier with tablets and pills than with oil.

Can you take CBD while on antidepressants?
And while CBD is promoted as a natural supplement with some proof that it can be good for your health, it’s possible that your CBD latte can still impact the efficacy of different medications– including antidepressants. … “Generally speaking, you can safely utilize CBD supplements when you’re taking antidepressants.

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